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RAPS - Reaction Agility Power Strength

Robert DrummondGIVE YOUR ATHLETE AN Athletic training tool and edge.

Developed by former professional football player Robert Drummond, "RAPS"  (Redefining Athletic Performance System) is a unique base=line athletic assessment and training tool that helps high school athletes gain an advantage over the competition and become a top competitor in their field.
Using a patent-pending algorithm, "RAPS"  is the first test of its kind to accurately measure both male and female athleticism based on five variables: change of direction, agility, power, strength and speed. Your "RAPS" Rating percentile (on a scale of 10% to 100%) tells you how you rank against other athletes who play your position and sport on both a global and national level also what you need to concentrate your training on to improve.  
More importantly, "RAPS" is as an evaluation tool for athletic trainers, coaches and even athletes themselves looking to improve upon their off-season strength and conditioning programs. You also will be given a "RAPS" Hurricane Score, based on a scale of 1 to 5 that reveal's your strengths and weakness on each of five variables or test tested. This infomation makes is possible for the development of a unique, personalized training program tailored to your athlete's specific needs.

 A RAPS Assessment can be administered by just about anyone with a stopwatch, 1/1000 is prefered to be completly accurate but any will do and measuring tape.  Athletes can compare themselves against other athletes across the country even Globally.  Youth ages 8-12 can also be tested but only as an overall athlete and not for any specific sport.  "RAPS" is a fun way to see progress, compete against yourself and other's and enjoy the results of hard word as you see yourself progress overtime. 


You can't improve what you don't know and you can't get better if you don't fully understand what it is you need to work on. 

"RAPS" is unique in that it provides you with two pieces of key information: your overall atheticism and your sterength and weaknesses as an athlete compared to other athletes who play your specific position and sport. For coaches, trainers and parents, obtaining a RAPS Rating is an exciting way to see where your athletes rank. More importantly, discovering your athlete's strengths and weaknesses allows you to make adjustments or develop a new training program to benefit both the team and the individual players.


If your desire is to do great things athletically and achieve your greatest potential, then our passion is to make sure you understand that your success is in realizing that weaknesses can become your greatest strengths, if you embrace them and improve them mentally and physically.  About 1% of great athletes are born that way, the other 99% must learn the art of hard work, sacrifice, determination and perseverance to become the next great one.  Our goal is to give you the blueprint to get there.